Wednesday, October 8, 2008

When I first started working here, it discouraged me that it seemed to be so hard for me to break in and become friends with people. I thought that perhaps one reason people don't open up to me is that I don't show enough interest in them--I don't ask them questions about themselves, their interests, what they're doing, etc. So I thought hey, maybe if I try to show more interest in people they would be more interested in conversing with me and getting to know me better. And then I had a realization: I don't show interest in these people because I'm not interested in them. I really don't give a shit if your son just started swimming lessons, you don't like Obama OR Palin (oops, I mean McCain?), or if you had a good weekend. I don't care if you're working on a tough case or how your grad classes are going. When I leave work, it stays here at work, along with all these people. It's like a part of my life that doesn't count.

I'll start making posts about something other than work sometime, probably. But I did start this blog to write on when i'm bored at work, so...yeah

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