Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So the new scholar advisor who sits next to me came over to me and was like "Erica" and then she was just laughing and i was like "uhh..." I had no idea why she was giggling, but apparently I was supposed to know because she didn't really explain it. and then she said something like "do you just sit over here and stay out of it?" wtf?? i gathered that she was giggling in reference to whatever the hell the people at Elizabeth's door were talking about. I was like "uhm, yeah." Apparently they were talking about last night's debate or something. Really, I could not care less about what the people I work with are talking about, so it's really easy for me to just "sit over here and stay out of it"--I just ignore everybody. I just thought it was funny that she was all giggling about something that I was obviously supposed to know about and I just kind of looked at her like ". . ."

/sigh my posts are dumb, huh?

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