Monday, December 22, 2008

so apparently the people on my team think that because they threw this software at me to figure out how to use, I'm now an IT person or something. Anytime something in the program goes wrong (like actual computer/network errors) they come to me "what's wrong with it?" How the hell am I supposed to know?? I'm not technical support! blah.

Friday, December 12, 2008

So I worked through a couple of lunches this week and was supposed to work through lunch today and get off at 1, but noooooo. Miha is out until 2.30, which was planned, but then Helene's kid gets all sick and she has to go to school and pick him up like he's a big baby...freakin' 8 year Anyway, now I have to stay until Miha gets back because someone on our team has to be here to sign travel signatures for scholars that are going to be traveling abroad over break.

In retaliation, I am going to be here for the next hour and a half to sign travel sigs if someone *happens* to come by and need one, but I am not going to do any other work. I think it's a good compromise.

Then I have to go home, go to Target and then CLEAN THE WHOLE HOUSE!!! Ok, not quite the whole house. Only the rooms my guests will be in this weekend. So I don't have to clean...Brad's room. lol.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well I didn't get the magician's assistant job. I didn't even make it past the 2nd interview. I thought I had a good chance, but I guess there was something they didn't like. Oh well.

I DID buy my plane tickets to go visit Lenz in Korea, w00t w00t!! I'm going at the end of April and will be there on her birthday (score). Kinda sucks that I bought them around Christmas, when I'm going to have to buy a bunch of other stuff (now that I'm not a college student I don't get to use that as an excuse for not buying presents because I don't have any moneys), but I wanted to get them early. I'm super excited--I finally get to put a stamp in a passport that I've already had for over a year. I'm going to eat sushi and witness Starcraft on TV and it will be awesome.

My bellydance show is this weekend and it's going to be sweet. I'm happy that all my Columbia friends who didn't love me enough to make the trek up to Kville will be coming to see me dance for the first time. I'm a little bit nervous because I know a bunch of people from work are coming and the show is called WOMAN: God, Sex, and My Body--it's a bit racy. I am glad that Miha (my boss) says David (HER boss) isn't going to come. I'm in the dance that's supposed to be THE sex scene and I just don't think he would handle it well. It's going to be awesome though.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

At MU they make your network username by using your last name + first initial. There's this department contact that we have named Giovanni Vignale and every time I see vignaleg I'm like "wtf, vagina leg??"

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My boss just left for the afternoon, w00t! Did I tell you that I wrote an entire international foods cookbook over the course of the last couple months? Pictures and everything--it's pretty sweet. I think I'm going to start studying some Russian while I'm at work. It's definitely not *worse* than work, and I'd like to try and stay on top of it. I don't want my degree to become completely worthless, and if I go to grad school any time soon it will probably be in Russian.

Thanksgiving was...ok. I showed up at 1.30 and my dad was drunk (i'm a chip off the ol' block, eh?). I hate it when he's drunk, for various reasons. For one thing, he pretty much doesn't think twice about driving after he's been drinking from what I can see. He drank ALL DAY on Thanksgiving and then he drove himself and Carol to the motel. boo. Also, my idea of a good time isn't listening to some drunk guy sentimentally try and tell me about all the wisdom he's collected in his day as though I've never seen an American movie. I also don't really enjoy hearing this guy ask about my life and then tell me everything will be ok and I will do well with whatever I try to do when I've never really been the one between the two of us who seemed to be worried about that. All I remember is him telling me that my major wasn't good enough and I wasn't making the right choices and now that it's all over he wants to tell me not to worry and everything will be ok? I obviously decidedly knew that when I ignored all his attempts to try and change my decisions.

But then I got drunk with everybody else and I didn't have to listen to him as much anymore. Also, Zac was ok.