Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Omigosh you guys, seriously. Seriously. This morning I had a nosebleed that lasted FOREVER and I was tired of waiting for it to stop. I remember once when I was younger my mom told me that even though people say you're not supposed to blow your nose when you have a nose bleed (something I actually hadn't heard), she found that blowing her nose was the fastest way to get it to stop. So I thought I might try it. So I got a new Kleenex and I blew a little and then a little bit more and then the blood WENT UP MY TEAR DUCT AND CAME OUT IN MY EYE. It didn't hurt at all, but it was the weirdest fucking thing and I was freaked the hell out. So I guess that might be one reason you're not supposed to blow your nose when you have a nose bleed...

Monday, January 12, 2009

I hate it when I'm forced to dress up AND help set up student orientation. It's not that I really resent having to dress up or help out, it's just that when you help out (i.e., move tables around and run around the office/building for things) after you're already dressed up, you get all sweaty and gross. Nice impression for the new students. Maybe I just need to find a less sweat-inducing outfit. I guess.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So I haven't posted in forever because I haven't WORKED in forever! I took the Fridays after Christmas and New Years off, so I had 2 4-day weekends in a row, but then I got sick the second week and only worked half a day Monday and half a day Wednesday. It was awesome.

I think it's funny when people misspell something and then they insert an (sp?) after it, just so that you know that even though they're too dumb to spell it right, they're not to dumb to know that it's not spelled right.