Wednesday, October 8, 2008

For my gamer friends:

A gaming theme park?? Sounds freakin' sweet. Until I read it and found out that it's based on a medieval times RPG. That's like going to a Ren Fest to do things that you do at home with your nerdy friends. Not that that's bad, but having worked there for a while, the novelty of the Renaissance Festival has pretty much worn off...except for the behind-the-scenes action with all the nice potheads, drug dealers, crazies, and generally just good people to know. But I digress.

A gaming theme park would be just about the best thing ever. Who has never wanted to play a real-life game of their favorite FPS? "Here's an energy sword and a sticky grenade. Good luck fucker!" No worries, you'll respawn...eventually.

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Gordon said...

Perhaps you should just have said gaming park at work - invite all your friends in and have an all out battle. Especially make sure to have someone in a bathrobe running around screaming "magic missile" and "lightning bolt" and throwing wads of paper at everyone.

Be careful not to get fired, since you obviously love your job more than a bag of kittens!