Monday, November 17, 2008

I've actually been fairly busy at work lately. It's kind of nice.


Aut Vincam Aut Periam said...

You know what I hate about work? The investigator who works in the cubicle next to mine. Actually, I don't hate her (she's actually kinda cool), I just hate the fact that she leaves a radio playing all day long and it's always tuned to this crappy adult-soft-rock-contemporary-shit-pop station that plays dooshbags like John Mayer. What's worse is that, as of this week, they've switched to 24/7 Christmas music. You know, the overplayed jingles that you've been sick of since you learned that Santa Claus is really a morbidly obese Dutch slavedriver--only this station plays the shit versions performed by dooshbags like John Mayer. And she leaves it on ALL DAY LONG. Even when she goes to court for the rest of the morning, she just keeps the radio on, so the whole Unit can enjoy "Little Drummer Boy" sung by the unforgettable Barbara Streisand/Kermit the Frog duo. Excuse me while I beat my head into messy pulp against my desktop's decade-old monitor. The least you could do is turn the volume down when you're going to be gone for long periods of time (read: longer than 14 seconds). And of course my work has to have the world's greatest website blocker--some days I can't even check my email--so this morning I couldn't bring up KBPI or Pandora or even a high-pitched deafening static feedback. It's not that I hate Christmas or anything, it's just that these same songs have been overplayed on TV and radio since 1938. They know what they're doing is wrong--this station has to justify playing this crap, so it airs a phonecall from some whiny soccer mom from Lakewood who's just so overjoyed that you've started playing Christmas music again, after all, she's been looking forward to it since Groundhog Day. There should be a law against playing Christmas music--via any media outlet--before December 22nd or after 6pm December 25th. And even then, no more than 3 songs a day.

I just pray that my ipod doesn't die from extended use.

Erica said...

aw, that sucks :(

Aut Vincam Aut Periam said...

I know, it's like where's Dethklok when I need them??